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Today, more than ever, organisations must execute in the most cost-efficient manner possible while at the same time meeting and exceeding customer requirements. The most successful organisations are those that embrace the concepts of quality management and business process improvement. Many models that began life in the manufacturing sector, such as Lean, Six Sigma and ISO9000 QMS, are being adopted and adapted for use by all sectors.

For many, it can be difficult to know where to start when initiating improvement. It can be difficult to see “the wood for the trees�?or perhaps the right skill sets just don’t exist to manage the change activity and the initial improvement projects.
Seeking external help is a low risk, cost effective method for companies to accelerate this transition or to give support to on-going initiatives.

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PDCA Business Solutions provides expertise in areas of Lean, Six Sigma and integrated management systems (quality, environment, and health & safety). 

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